Hi there, and welcome to Archie's Gifts!

I'm Natasha.  All my life I have been psychic, a visionary and an empath. Two years ago I discovered a modality of experiential healing that has allowed me to open up and heal my from my childhood traumas, and that has led me to be more open to help, guide and understand my children too.  Through me understanding my ego, understanding the fear of judgement, where that has come from, understanding how I would sabotage myself and therefore my family and my life, but also recognising what my core values are, I am now able to step up and serve others and help them step into the best version of themselves.

My eldest son received an ADHD diagnosis when he was 5 and is an energy worker, my youngest (Archie) has ADHD & ASD, he also sees spirit.  We are a home educated family, which we love, as it allows us to grow and learn in a way that serves us and our needs, which unfortunately we weren't able to find in mainstream schooling.

Through my journey I have learnt how to help guide other parents who feel like they are struggling and don't understand what is happening or why it is happening.  I don't believe that there is anything wrong with our children who have these diagnosis.  It is my belief that they are children who are here for a reason, to bring about change to an out dated way of life and thinking.  They have chosen us as their parents as they know that we will be the ones to help them cope with our 3D reality, as they learn to balance a higher level of energy that they carry.  


Through a series of blogs, I am walking you through my journey, and sharing what I have found works for me now after trying other methods that didn't work for my children and that by stepping into unconditional love and out of fear, we are able to help our children become the best versions of themselves.  If you feel the pull to understand yourself and why your life is showing up how it is, and therefore how your children are behaving, please do get in touch via the contact page.

Natasha xx