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Welcome to your oily experience. I'm so please and excited to see you here.

My main aim when I bought these amazing oils into my family was to help my children in a holistic way. I have 3 children 2 of whom are SEN, and I wanted a natural way to help all of them with any ailments they had and to find a natural way to help my boys with their SEN needs.

I use these oils in my home every day, either topically (applied to the body), cooking, cleaning and diffused into the air to balance moods, support immunity and cleanse the air. I use them to help with sleep, tummy upsets, headaches, the list is truly endless, they are an essential first aid kit to have in the home. These oils work on a cellular level and really support all of our body.

I love the way that doTERRA support the local farmers and communities that they source from, the way they help provide schools, toilets, all the things we take for granted. They help make it worth it for the farmers rather than going in and taking over. They want to help people so that we can have these fantastic bottles of magic in our home. By us looking after ourselves naturally, we are also helping people in poverty and so doTERRA have also created many charities, 'Healing Hands Foundation' and 'Days for Girls' being just two.

Once you have ordered your first kit you will be invited to many supporting groups, where you will be offered ongoing education and support in these beautiful oils.

What amazes me everyday is how I watch my children and other children intuitively choose which oils they need on any day. And then when they reach for the ailment or emotions book, it is exactly what they need. I do believe that the children of today will lead the world to a lighter brighter higher vibrational place that is for the benefit of everyone.

It really is time to take your health into your own hands, to feel empowered and in control with natural solutions to your problems at your fingertips.  I have also incorporate the super power of healing crystals that have been intuitively chosen to match the oils.  Please click here to view.

Welcome to the wonderful world of essential oils!!  


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