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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I feel it very strongly in my heart and soul to bring you this blog.

Please know that this is from my perspective as a parent and that I am not medically trained.

This blog is about the new generation of children. I have 3 children, and all three of them are amazing, and having done a lot of research, and just having this knowing in my body I can now ‘label’ my children as crystal and rainbow children.

Let me describe my babies to you.

Big Middo

My eldest is my daughter. As I said in one of my previous blogs she has always worked with spirit and first started telling me she could see them at the age of 3. She is an amazing artist and is very sensitive to the environment around her. She absolutely cannot be bothered with drama at all that comes with being a 13 year old. She wants no part in it and it physically drains her. She has amazing intuition as well and is never wrong in her premonitions although she is still learning to work with those. She is very wise beyond her years and sees things in such a beautiful way. She really guides me when I have an idea, and will put a different and much better spin on what I want to do and it works! She is a CRYSTAL CHILD.

Middle Middo and Baby Middo.

I’m going to do these descriptions a little differently.

Can’t keep still, constantly fidgeting, rocking and moving

Struggles to learn from books, is a visual and kinaesthetic learner

Has absolutely no fear what so ever.

Very sensitive to environment, sensitive ears, can’t handle noise or suffers with sensory overload.

Day dreamer, not concentrating in class or struggle to stay still in class and becomes disruptive.

Doesn’t need a lot of sleep.

Gets very hot in bed, they never really feel the cold.

Now you would probably read that description of my boys and think ADHD and ASD and yes that is their ‘diagnosis’, it is also a big description of RAINBOW CHILDREN.

Rainbow and crystal children came in around the year 2000. They are here to help the indigo children that came in around the end of 1970 to raise the vibration of the planet, to lead the way to raise consciousness to the 5th dimensions.

Anyone who knows me, will know that I have always said that I will ‘label’ my children till the cows come home, to get them the support they need when they are not in my care, but they learn and vibrate in a different way. They were born vibrating on a 5D level and therefore struggle to balance those vibrations in this 3D reality, hence the diagnoses that they get labelled with.

I home educated Middle Middo for 18 months. He went back into school last Easter. During the meeting with his head of year, I made her aware of his ‘diagnosis’ and that he is a visual and kinaesthetic learner. Her question to me…’Will you medicate him again to come back to school?’!

My answer was a resounding ‘No I won’t. I’ve told you where he is at, how he learns, his ‘diagnosis’ now teach him’. Some of you may find my response strong.

I feel strongly that I shouldn’t and therefore won’t medicate my child to make the teachers lives easier. He is a very very kind soul, and has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met, but as a high vibrating child whose soul knows that they are here for bigger things, they struggle with the constraints of school. All schools need to implement to help these children is increase the arts and the PE. It hasn’t got to be by a lot, but for the children to get their creative on and be able to move is so so important. They live their life by the flow of energy around them so for them to sit still is so frustrating for them even if they don’t realise why.

I personally feel that our children must not be medicated. Medication is a form of control, why control your child? Guide them and let them guide us. Yes implement rules and structure but medication dulls who they are, it dulls their connection to source, whether they are aware that they have it or not, and it will put them into depression/anxiety/self harm if we do it. I’ve been there and done it. I had all the right intentions to help my son integrate and function in this reality that he lives in now but it had the opposite effect, hence me having to remove him from school and home educate him. It took me 18 months to undo 18 months of medication to him. To take him out of depressions and change his mental health. Lots of forest school, lots of arts as well as the core subjects. Lots of sports and being outside in nature. Lots of dog walks and grounding to get my boy back to who he was before.

We have so many different ways to help our children be that with oils or crystals, meditation, arts, music, sound therapy, yoga, dance, the list is truly endless. These high vibrating options help our children to get to where they need to be by vibrating at their level to help change any struggles they have. For instance my daughter has a lot of the calming crystals in her room such as rose quartz and Selenite, her art is a massive outlet for her for any emotion and she has produced some amazing pieces in such a short amount of time. She also loves to have showers, she knows and feels those negative energies and attachments being washed away. Middle Middo loves to work with howlite and shungite crystals as well as Vetiver and lemon oils, and Baby Middo likes his oils especially Vetiver to help him ground. Frankincense is a great oil to feel spiritually open, connect to father, feel loved and enlightened and Arborvitae promotes peaceful, grounding, relaxed emotions.

What I have also found is how we respond to our children and the balance of the masculine and feminine energy. The world we live in is very masculine with all the technology and routine. Actually I have found that a routine works well for my children as it does for most. That masculine structure so they know where they are and what is expected of them but when it comes to the child getting upset and having a meltdown or going into overwhelm masculine energy will not work at all. Nor will dark feminine or masculine, i.e. ‘If you don’t pull yourself together…. Will happen’.

No No No.

I understand how frustrating it can be, you get all hot and bothered because your child isn’t ‘behaving’ and then they get worse, you react and so the circle carries on and the energy increases until there is shouting and tears.

But if you just stop, take a big breath and step into your feminine, and give your child what they need in that moment, especially if they are SEN in anyway, I promise you the meltdown stops almost immediately. When you meet your child at what they need in that moment, to let them be heard and know that you are listening, the meltdown will stop.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children are amazing human beings who have been sent to us to help raise vibrations, raise consciousness and guide us. We must listen to these wise souls.

Coming to my shop soon will be lovely packages of crystals and oils to help your child or yourself with a variety of different options.

These will include grounding, connection, concentration, emotional balance, calm, clarity to name but a few.

I will also soon be creating workshops and coffee mornings to help bring parents together and to help guide you as to how to help your child balance 5D in a 3D world.

To be kept informed of these activities and tools please do join my mailing list.

Lots of love and high vibrations


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