Austism, ADHD, Crystal and Rainbow Children

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Crystal and Rainbow Children.

This whole blog is in response to a video clip that was put on my group page Archie’s Gifts – Understanding your Autistic Child.

The video was about an autistic woman who committed suicide when she was 24. She said in one of her last videos ‘But I don’t get humans at all, they’re really weird’. In her last video she talked about longing for a world ‘where she could exist happily as an autistic person’

There is no coincidence with the rise in the ADHD and ASD diagnosis’ that are happening at the minute.

I know to be true that these children are star seed children. You will have heard of Indigo Children, I am an indigo child and for those who haven’t heard of us, here is a list of our characteristics.

· Are attracted to ancient and historical places.

· Feel that there is ‘more to life’ than we physically see and experience.

· Have unusual opinions.

· Question everything.

· Have a deep-seated distrust of authority, especially when those in authority display lower levels of intelligence.

· Are subject to depression and related mental problems.

· Are creative and artistic.

· Have discovered their spiritual path.

· Have learned they can continue help to change the world.

· Cannot bear to be told what to do.

· Know their limitations. And still ignore them.

· Prefer to work alone unless fighting for a cause.

· May get angry and have anger control issues.

· Hate the idea of a Big Brother society.

· Have a strong intuition, and an awareness of their sub-conscious attempting to communicate via physical feeling.

· Are observant.

· May express themselves sexually, or might completely withdraw from sexual activity.

· Need to feel that life has meaning and purpose.

· Are irritated by faceless bureaucrats.

· Are comfortable with technology.

· Love animals.

· Get on well with small children.

· Are impatient with people who don’t say what they mean or don’t get to the point.

· Know what someone will say before they say it.

· Give birth to Crystal children.

I tick most of the above and if you resonate with the above, the chances are you are an indigo too. We incarnated from the 1970s and came here to change the vibration and carry on pushing from the 1960s flower power era.

We then had children, these children are now being mis-diagnosed as ADHD and ASD when actually they are crystal and rainbow children.

These are the characteristics of Crystal Children

· Crystal children began to incarnate around the year 2000. In some cases they appeared before this time.

· They have a penetrating gaze, sometimes having usual coloured and often round eyes.

· They are sensitive, both mentally and physically. They suffer from allergies and sensitivities caused by environmental factors.

· They are spontaneous, and sometimes act without thinking through the consequences.

· They love to climb and have a good sense of balance.

· They are natural ‘huggers’, flinging their arms around people they only just met. They have no awareness of personal boundaries because they feel connected to all of humankind and, indeed, all living things.

· They are healers and psychics, though these qualities vary from barely discernible to full- on.

· They love music and singing, but hate loud noise.

· They aren’t comfortable in noisy, over-crowded places and suffer from sensory overload.

· They are badly affected by negative events, both in their personal sphere and worldwide.

· They are loving and generally easy going, although they will progress through the normal stages of tantrums and temper like most children.

· As they grow older they become helpers, carers, volunteers, healers and teachers.

· Crystal children exude love for their family, pets and their friends. People are important to them, and they can’t bear it if someone they love is in physical or mental distress.

· They are usually born to Indigos.

· They are autodidacts – they prefer to teach themselves what they want to learn.

This is why I do not medicate my children. I understand that some parents ‘need’ to as they are unaware that their children are Crystal and Rainbow children. These children can be on the sever side of the spectrum, but if you look at what is happening in our world right now and the children that are coming in it all makes sense.

Our systems are not working for these children. Yes improvements are being made but right now it’s not enough. The Crystal children come in to show that our systems don’t work for us, then the Rainbow children come in almost to prove the point. They are here to build the foundation for a new society — one in which compassion and harmony are the new, normal way of life.

A perfect and world known Crystal Child is Greta Thunberg.

If ever there was a Crystal child that is shouting from the roof tops about how we are basically killing the Earth and shouting that our systems and the way we go about things don’t work, then that’s her and well done her. She incarnated to help save the planet and boy is she doing that with bells on.

Crystal Children function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, and they live by the Law of One. This is one of the 12 Universal Laws. The laws of Oneness is just that. Are you able to accept that we are all of one? Be that trees, animals, plants, fish or your horrid next door neighbour? We are all one, we are all here having an experience we incarnated from Source, who wants to have these experiences.

If you can get your head around that, if we all could, wouldn’t our world be such a nicer place? If you treated people how you would treat yourself there’d be no wars, just acceptance and love, if you treated the earth as you would treat yourself, we wouldn’t have the pollution problems that we do, and that is what the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow or any Star Seed child is here to do, to raise the planets vibration from one of fear based to one of love. I know it sounds dreamy but it’s true, and this is why I have found that working with crystals and essential oils help my children function in this 3d reality that we live in. They feel the vibrations of these tools and will intuitively pick what they need. All of my children pick their oils each day or will create their own blends. They also intuitively choose which crystals they need to work with the oils and themselves and pop those in their blazers for school.

If you think about how you react to how your child is behaving if they are ‘showing you up’, are you reacting from a place of love or fear?

The answer if most likely fear when you boil it down, and that will be a learnt behaviour from a parent or grandparent. Bless their hearts, they’re old and outdated hence these children being here. However, I am absolutely not telling you to let your child run riot, but how you deal with them will change how they react.

I have been there, trying to control my children from a place of fear and it doesn’t work. Tried medicating my child so that he has an easier time at school for him to tell me he feels like he is living his life through a TV.

It took me 18 months of no mediation and home school to get him back to being him. I’ve also to do a lot of inner work to get to where I am now and I’m still learning, to come from a place of love and not fear, to learn not to worry what others think and to raise my children how they need to be raised not how others feel they should be. And in honesty I can say that I have 3 beautiful children that have the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever known.

I do feel for my children, especially the older two. Not only do they have the normal teenage life but they also have to work with their gifts. Maddie works with spirit, Louis is an energy worker, so they have to deal with playground behaviour whilst empathing the other children, trying to work out if what they feel is there’s or someone else’s and in the case of Maddie too, has to work with spirit when she gets home. She has learnt to put boundaries in with them so she gets some down time. It’s a lot to take on but they don’t know any different, but they do need more understanding and love.

If this resonates with you and you want to know more, I will be running workshops shortly or if you need any information in-between please do either post in the group or drop me a message

With love and high vibrations


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