My Journey Of Being A SEN Mum - Blog 2

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

In this week’s blog, I’d love to walk you through our journey of Louis and his first primary school, where ADHD became a real possibility.

In honesty I didn’t want Louis to go to the local village primary school based on the Ofsted reports. I suppose it was the snob in me at the time. His sister Maddie was in a school with a 1 rating whereas this primary school was a 3. All I can say on this is boy did I learn a massive lesson.

When I took Louis to go and have a look around I absolutely loved it!! The school backed on to fields with horses in and had a massive nature reserve to the side of that that they did forest school with the children many times a week which was perfect for Louis, he loved being outside so much whatever the weather. It had a lovely village school feel to it. When I met the head he said that he wasn’t that worried about Ofsted, so long as the children were happy and learning that was the main thing, and massively my ethos too.

I really learnt here to listen to my gut (intuition). It was a massive lesson for me to do that as it worked out so well for him and for me. Through doing this, I found a beautiful school that really helped him and they really guided me through the beginning of the ADHD process.

Louis started there and he loved it. It was also during this time that the school started to notice that his concentration wasn’t good at all and that he couldn’t stop fidgeting. There were a couple of the ‘Can we have a word?’ at school pick up and that old familiar feeling in my tummy returned. By now his anxiety that he had during pre-school had pretty much gone but the same things were being said to me that the preschool had noticed too. That tummy turning feeling was back.

The school nurse noticed that there was something not right with his sight and so we were referred to the hospital, where he did need glasses as he had a slight lazy eye. He wore those for 5 years and now his sight is fine.

We then also did hearing tests at the hospital with him and this showed that his hearing was perfect. We were eliminating anything that could have been physical that would explain his behaviour in class. Each time we went I hoped we’d find something small and fixable because by now I knew that they were thinking ADHD and when I googled this stuff eight years ago I only read the worst that was out there and got myself in a right tizz over it.

Our school SEN teacher who was fantastic and who I built a great relationship with started to put a one plan in place for Louis and SA+ him.

School Action Plus means that the school are giving your child extra input either in class or in a small group and that they are receiving extra advice from a professional such as a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist or other means.

This made me feel so much better, I knew Louis needed extra guidance but it also meant he wasn’t being labelled the naughty child in the class. Louis’ normal coping mechanism is to act the class clown to get people to like him but now that the teacher had information from the SENCo, they could help guide him in the right direction.

Around the May time a place became available at Maddie’s primary school. I was so pleased. After the Easter half term I moved Louis to the same primary school as his sister and he was excited to be there with her. There were a few teething problems to start with as he settled into his new school, but he soon made lovely friends that he still has now and started to thrive in his new environment.

What I have found with us mums and myself is that we are so hard on ourselves. We judge ourselves, criticise ourselves and we also don’t give ourselves anytime to fill our cup too, so now I am a massive advocate for taking time for me, even if it is half an hour but it has to be something that I want to do rather than have to do.

When our energy levels are low we can’t be on form for the rest of our family, and on this journey we really do need to take care of ourselves as well. When I was in overwhelm with everything I became very tired because I was trying to keep too many balls in the air.

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With love and high vibrations


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