doTERRA's Top 10 Essential Oils


I just wanted to put list together of my Top 10 Oils from doTERRA that I use every day.


Drink with water to cleanse your body, give your respiratory system support, and help with digestion. In addition, add to water in a spray bottle to clean household surfaces. Amazing for focus when applied fractionated to the temples and wrists.


Energise your day by adding it to a diffuser, soothe occasional nausea by taking two drops in water, and rub into areas of tension on your neck, shoulders, and head. Makes a lovely mint tea as does spearmint but make sure the water isn’t boiling so you don’t damage the properties of the oil.

This oil is great for helping you have the strength to face emotional pain also. Dilute 1-2 drops with carrier oil and apply over the chest, on the shoulders or neck.


Diffuse a few drops to ease into sleep, add a drop to your moisturiser for a soothing boost, or add to water and tea to ease tense feelings.

On Guard

Support and strengthen the immune and respiratory systems from seasonal or environmental threats, diffuse to purify the air, and to give off an uplifting aroma. Emotionally promotes healthy boundaries, protection, integrity and independent.

Wild Orange

Diffuse in the room to uplift your mood when you’re having a bad day and purify the air, support your immune system and add flavour by adding two drops to your beverages or chocolate when baking. This oil is fantastic when doing Inner Child healing and allows your inner child to come out and play


Support your cells with two drops in a veggie capsule, apply to skin to help with razor bumps and other skin imperfections, and diffuse to add peace, relaxation, and satisfaction to your day. The King of oils will boost the effects of all other oils, is fantastic for spiritual work and keeping you connected to Source.

Deep Blue

Soothing and cooling oil blend a comforting part of a massage. After long hours on the computer, try rubbing Deep Blue essential oil blend on your fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck. A great oil to use for children with growing pains when used with carrier oil. For emotional use this oil promotes inner strength, accepting, soothed healing and healed.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Add to face wash for skin cleansing benefits, use it in your diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air, and apply to fingernails and toes to keep them looking healthy.

Add to face wash for skin cleansing benefits, use it in your diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air, and apply to fingernails and toes to keep them looking healthy. When used for emotions it creates energetic boundaries, healthy connections, helps you feel empowered and safe


Take internally for indigestion and bloating and to ease feelings of queasiness,* or rub on your stomach before a long flight for its calming aroma.


Maintain feelings of clear breathing by applying to your chest or diffusing into the air, rub into your feet or put into your palms and cup them around your nose to minimise the effects of seasonal threats. For the emotions is creates a feeling of being loved, supported open, healing and trusting.

Most of these oils are found in the Family Essentials & Beadlets Kit which is just £122 when you sign up! Heres the link to have these bottles of magic in your home

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