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Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Essential Oils & Crystals ~ Lemon ~ Clarity & Focus

Welcome to a fun, informative and ‘essential’ series of collaborative blogs that combine the energies of Essential Oils and Crystals.

For about a year now I have been working with the beautiful, high vibrational doTerra Essential Oils. I had never really used essential oils before, but my friend suggested them to me as she used them. I was hooked!!! These fabulous oils really do work on every level you can think of, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

These beautiful oils are so pure and go through 7 different testing companies to prove this, and as this is an unregulated industry it adds to the brand of doTerra to do that. These oils have absolutely no synthetics in them at all, just the best, highest quality oils, in the world. Hence the reason they might be a bit pricier than other oils, but you don’t need a lot and so they last longer than off the shelf oils. One of the founders is also a doctor. Dr Hill knows and understands the benefits of alternative healing and so created doTerra Essential oils.

When you use these oils you will see that you literally use one drop of oil on your hands, rub them together and smell these oils and you will feel them working instantly. DoTerra is also an eco company. This is what I love about this brand. They recognise that they need the expertise of the people in the area that they want to source their products from, and so go in and help those areas, creating schools, toilets, helping girls with sanitary wear in third world countries, helping stop human trafficking. They give so much back to the people and help them live a better life. Isn’t that amazing!

So, I have a beautiful friend call Krissy Hodges, who amongst all her talents is an energy worker and an expert with crystals. There isn’t a lot that she doesn’t know about any crystal and so when I sent her some oils to work with, she noticed that she started to pair the oils with corresponding crystals to help boost the effects of the oils.

Between us we got our heads together and decided that we'd combine our expertise, experiment, use oils and crystals on my children and ourselves to see what happened. We have been delighted with the positive results. Adults and children love crystals and who doesn’t love pretty sparkly crystals and in honesty, these oils smell amazing! I now don’t use perfume I just use the oils!!!

It's amazing that we can use natural, organic tools provided by our Earth to treat ourselves holistically on a day to day basis. It's empowering to know there are tools available that enable us to help ourselves when we're feeling tired, stressed, foggy, unsafe or unwell too! And that we can heal ourselves naturally and more quickly this way by having theses oils to hand rather than having to wait for a doctor’s appointment and then fill our body with pharmaceuticals.

Essential Oils and Crystals work brilliantly together. It's as simple as that. Lemon is an amazing doTerra Essential Oil that keeps me focused and helps clear my mind so that I can concentrate on what I need to do and produce fantastic results quickly!

Below I have created a blog on Lemon essential oil and Krissy has add her crystal information added after that. We've created beautiful little packs of the oils, crystals and instructions, which are perfect, alternative, different gift ideas that really benefit/support people. We have kept the prices as low as we can and are ensuring to blog on the more affordable oils, as well as some of the pricier ones. Lemon and Lavender, for example, are in abundant supply, so aren't as expensive. Vetiver or Frankincense however are difficult to source, so the price reflects this.

Please click on the link at the bottom of the blog if you'd like to see the gift packs in the shop.

The Essential Oils & Crystals that Help Clear Our Mind and Focus

Let me introduce you to the perfect way to clear and focus the mind. It's also a handy, quick, most invigorating way to get yourself ready for the day ahead. DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil is one of their top ten oils and it’s on constant re-order with my family. Alongside the health benefits, it has amazing emotional benefits, but more about that in a bit.

First let me tell you what I feel about this little bottle of magic. DoTerra beautiful, fresh, crisp Lemon Essential Oil comes from the rind of the lemon.

Many people believe that the best part of the lemon is the squeezed juices and yes, they too have many benefits (not least when a slice of lemon is added to a G&T), but for doTerra Essential Oils, the best way to get the purest oil is to compress the rind. They say ~ 1 drop of the oil equals 10 squeezed lemons.

Lemon is amazing to clear and focus the mind. As I sit here and tune into the energy of this oil and breath its fresh crisp tones, I can feel all the chitter chatter in my mind fade away, making way for me to focus on this blog. The aroma of this oil helps to engage the mind and aids concentration and the ability to focus. Lemon is also an amazing oil for children who struggle with school.

It dispels the self-judgement they have of ‘not good enough’ or ‘being dumb’ and calms any fears or insecurities. It helps to restore the confidence of feeling good enough, enabling them to enjoy their learning and allow it to be absorbed into their mind.

This is also true for us adults who often need a boost or a clear mind to get through the day. We all go into overwhelm some days, trying to juggle work or family with all our other daily tasks and responsibilities. This oil clears the mind and releases the stress so we can become productive during our day.

Emotionally, Lemon inspires playfulness and that in itself helps children to learn. If they are able to bring to life their learning in some way, it’ll help them to remember it. Lemon also helps to lift the heart, by releasing negative emotions such as hopelessness and despair. It promotes feelings of joy and happiness. The energy of this oil is so encouraging, it wills you to release negative thoughts and feelings, to release all in your mind that no longer serves you so that you can apply yourself to your studies and daily lives.

My husband has 1 drop of Lemon essential oil in a glass of water every morning to cleanse and clear his mind and body, ready for the day. Lemon water helps to balance the body's PH and aids digestion.

So this little bottle of Lemon, really is magic. All of this in just 1-2 drops, 1-2 times a day!

DoTerra Essential Oils are so pure, you only need 1-2 drops and as with all the essential oils, there are different ways to use them. Either topically, by breathing them in, diffuse in a diffuser, which by the way, makes your home smell amazing too ~ and you can add drops of this oil to food too. I’ve often done this and it really gets the taste buds going.

If you would like any further information on doTerra Lemon Essential Oil, please do drop me a line by clicking HERE and I’ll be happy to help.

With lots of love and high vibrations, Tasha xxx

Mmmmmmm, Lemon Essential Oil ~ one of my absolute favourites. I adore the citrusy, energesing, cleansing and clearing scents more than any other.

There are many crystals known to help clear the mind, but there are a few that work really well with this particular oil.

The crystals that vibrate & work beautifully with Lemon are Rainbow Fluorite & Sunset Sodalite. When the energy of the oil fades away, as it can do during the day (for example if you pop some on the kids before they go to school), the energy of the crystals maintains the vibration of the oil and enhances it, providing a long lasting result when the two are combined.

Sunset Sodalite is an amazing, natural blend of Sodalite & Orange Feldspar. The blue Sodalite brings clarity to the mind. A strong energy of masculine rationality and logic. It also has the added benefit of boosting confidence and instilling us with strength & determination. It's an excellent mineral for students or those who have busy mental based jobs or a hectic life. Please Click Here to read the full blog on Sunset Sodalite.

Rainbow Fluorite is simply beautiful. The energy is crisp, fresh, cleansing and clearing. It works on the mind to bring order to chaos, so instead of thinking 10 things at once, we can focus on one thing a time and do it to the best of our ability. Rainbow Fluorite also has the added benefit of clearing our respiratory system when we have a cough or cold alongside many other benefits. Click Here to read more about this gorgeous crystal.

Used in conjunction with Lemon, Sunset Sodalite & Rainbow Fluorite provide a wonderful combination that aids us in clearing our mind, thinking straight, gaining clarity if we've had brain fog, being able to focus, absorb information and make decisions easily. The blending vibrations ease mental anxiety and worry, reminding us of the joyful, energised, positive things in life. Simply pop the crystals in your bra and pocket.

I personally find that these work best when the Fluorite is on the left hand side of the body, representing our feminine energy and Sunset Sodalite is worn on the right hand side of the body to support our masculine energies. However, if you feel drawn to carry just one of the crystals, have them both on one side or the other etc, it doesn't really matter. Always go with what feels right to you as your Higher Self knows exactly what you need.

If you have any questions at all regarding crystals or how to work with them in conjunction with essential oils, please drop me a line Here.

With love and brightest of blessings

Krissy xxx

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