My Journey of being a SEN Mummy - Home Education

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I love home education. Let me tell you at this point that home education is a lifestyle and not one to be taken lightly, but if it works for your family as it has for mine it is the best thing ever.

Initially I had Louis at home, home educating for 18 months. During this time we did so much.

Here is what our week looked like.

Monday: We went for an English class with others for an hour and a half, grabbed lunch in the car on the way back and then had a drumming lesson for an hour before we picked Archie up from preschool.

Tuesdays and Thursday’s : These were days of learning at home or going to visit friends as these were the days that we had Archie at home from pre school.

Wednesday: We went to classes that were set up locally. Every other Wednesday would be science, maths, history and social science, the other Wednesdays would be carpentry.

Fridays: We had a maths tutor come every Friday for an hour’s lesson, then Louis and I would do whatever he felt like.

We spent a lot of time doing forest schools that Archie loved to come to, going for walks, baking, art, geography so many different things.

We went on some amazing trips including Harry Potter world, Nelson Mandela exhibition, we did bike awareness courses and mountain biking days out.

Some things didn’t work out as Louis didn’t like them, such as days at the local archive unit where we learnt local history, but that is the beauty of home education, they get to choose what they want to learn. I have found in my home that our children have been switched off from wanting to learn,

They have become so used to being told what to learn how to learn it, that they don’t actually know what they want to learn about anymore, and given half the chance they don’t want to do it at all.

There is a period of time when you first remove your child from school where you don’t do any formal learning with them. This is called de schooling. I think the general rule of thumb is 1 week of per year they were in school.

Spend time with your child during this time. Take them shopping with you, take them for walks, get the gardening or doing art, but just let them play and relax. You can start to drop in after a while what it is that they have learnt during the day that they didn’t do any official learning, and so they then start the become inquisitive again and then when it is time to start some form of formal learning they’ll be ready for it.

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