New Moon In Scorpio

Good morning you beautiful people.

I’m sat up in bed on this beautiful Sunday morning, with a cup of tea and my lap top. The clocks fell back last night so I had an extra hour with my friends who came over for dinner which was lovely, and tomorrow night I am holding a New Moon Circle with Doterra Oils too.

And that is what I wanted to write to you all about today. There is a real boiling point of energy going on at the minute with Saturn and Pluto becoming aligned, and the more they come in contact over the coming months ready for the full alignment on the 20th of January 2020 where they will affect all of 2020, the more intense the energy is for us down here, especially those who are sensitive to the moon, and planetary alignments.

Scorpio is a lovely energy to work with. Scorpio is a water sign and as has a sting in its tale, so doesn’t really hold back!! Be that in personal life, work or in the bedroom, Scorpios go for what they want! They also aren’t afraid of their dark side either. We all have them, they might be called someone’s dark side or shadow side, but it is the side of us that we don’t really like, that we bury and hide but it does come out. Scorpios aren’t worried about showing that side of themselves.

Under the New Moon in Scorpio, we are asked to make inner peace with our shadow side, not to repress or reject it otherwise it will come out kicking and screaming but to use this new moon energy to befriend it. It is a part of who we are and it might not be nice, but if we see it, accept it and acknowledge it, it loses its strength and this new moon is the best time to do that.

This New Moon is Scorpio is also a fantastic time to deepen relationships, business, friendship or partners. Scorpio on a business level asks you to invest wisely and it is a great time to start a financial partnership, and friendships and relationships can be taken to a deeper level at this time too. Scorpio does also ask you to release all that no longer serves you. Under this new moon, it’s time to release grudges and all negative emotions. Life is too short to carry emotional baggage, just let it go and Scorpio under a new moon will help you do that too.

Interestingly Karma is also Scorpionic. It makes perfect sense really doesn’t it, you do something wrong and at some point you are going to get a sting in return for it!! This is also a great time to under the new moon to turn the corner, release these negative emotions and clear you karma.

Now let’s add in a bit of Saturn and Pluto into the mix!!

Saturn is about taking responsibility, be that for your lives, destiny or for our past. Whenever Saturn stops, he wants to make sure we have stepped up and done our work and that we are living to our fullest potential, but sometimes the only way we can gain these lessons is through a bit of tough love. This is done to help us grow! To get the lessons so that we can step forwards and shine our light brightly.

Pluto is Scorpios ruling planet so these two are going to have a whale of a time together. Pluto’s work is very spiritual! He asks us to work on our inner selves and our shadow selves so to do this in Scorpio where Scorpio isn’t afraid to embrace its shadow side is just perfect. Pluto is also about us peeling back the layers of our lives, past lives, karmic contracts, like and onion and heal those so that you are able to step into your authentic self and shine your light too. Are you seeing how all of this a lining up for us this New Moon! It’s going to be intense but the inner healing we will get if we do the work will be amazing.

I will do a full post on Saturn and Pluto shortly, because we all need to know what is going to be coming in 2020 but I have to say it is going to be a great year, hard work sometimes but all for the greater good.

So tomorrow night I am holding my New Moon Circle in Great Notley Village Hall at 7.30-9pm GMT.

Please come and join me for guided meditations, Doterra oils, tarot and oracle cards and bring with you anything that you want to release or intentions that you want to work on because when you make a plan in Scorpio, it has staying power and a much stronger chance of working!

I so look forwards to seeing you there and honouring you, and being able to hold space so that you are able to refill your cup really is an honour.

Lots of love and high vibrations

Natasha xx

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