Root Chakra For Children

Today saw me creating an in depth module on the chakra system for Love Revolution, and as I sat here next to Louis, it came into my awareness how his root chakra is under active.

Our root chakra is found at the bottom of our spine near our coccyx.

Its colour is a deep red and it represents our safety, grounding and survival.

The signs in him that it is under active are that he is unmotivated, he can be quite negative and be in victim mode. Archie can go very up in his head, become unbalanced stressed and negative. As the root chakra helps us to feel grounded and stabilised, particularly with regards to our thinking, feelings and emotions, when my children show up in the opposite I know I need to support them back into a balanced state.

I have found that using Stronger essential oil from doTERRA helps as this is a beautiful blend of Frankincense, Cedarwood, Litsea and Rose. Also putting red pants on the boys and creating lovely grounding foods that are made of root vegetables helps them to ground back into their bodies and helps the root chakra to spin more in balance, therefore aligning themselves. Other foods that help this include red apples and strawberries.

The root chakra is responsible for our adrenal glands and our reproductive organs, so in teenagers it is especially important to help that root chakra to stay balanced to support them through this time. If the root chakra is over or under active it can show itself in how children are with their food, their tempers and fatigue.

I also like to pop a bit of black tourmaline into their pockets if they feel to, as this also helps with the energies of the root chakra and grounding/balancing, but the quickest way to help them ground back into themselves is to get them outside on nature. Letting them cook or bake with me also helps as they aren’t in over thinking then, they drop into their bodies and just be.

How do you help your children to ground if they become to hyper or stressed?

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