Self Trust - Do you trust yourself?

Good morning my lovelies,

So I've been guided to write about self trust. If you took a deep breath down into the bottom of your tummy, and asked, 'Do I trust myself?', I bet the majority of you would say, on some level, no.

This is our Inner Child and our Ego. That little girl or boy in you that has been programmed that we can't do this and shouldn't do that, that then squashes us trusting ourselves to take that leap of faith.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My spiritual journey is long and short. I believe that there are 3 types of people, asleep, awake and waking up. What I mean by this is you are always aware that there is something bigger than you out there. You're aware of different dimensions, beings, angels, spirit, healing modalities, just a different way of life to the life you are living, but you as a child don't understand what this is or where it comes from - awake. As an adult you start to realise that there is more, and you go looking and exploring - waking up, and then the other is that you believe that this is it, there is no great plan, there is nothing else - asleep.

I was born awake and the only one in my childhood family.

My children are also awake. My oldest has always seen and worked with spirit, from laughing and gurgling at 'nothing' in her bouncer to getting quite cross with me at the age of 3 because I couldn't see our guests in the front room. She is a lighthouse for spirit who are lost and confused and don't understand what is going on, so we have created a portal back to source in the garden for them to go into, as they were keeping her awake and being very persistent. At no point have I ever told any of my children that what they think they can see they can't, as they need to believe in themselves and know that what they see hear and feel is real, and that has lead to a very open and honest relationship with them, and they have their self trust.

My middle one can read energy like me. He works with crystals and helps cleanse and clear things that need to be and create a high vibration.

My little one has an ASD diagnosis so has only in the last year started to really form sentences and talk properly, one of the first sentences being 'Mummy, can you ask the ghosty to go away'.

So back to my journey and the self trust. Me this child/teenager who senses energy, feels energy in buildings, land, as well as being an empath , that picks up on everyone's emotions, and takes them on as my own as I didn't understand at that time that they belonged to someone else, who had tarot cards, liked to meditate, have crystals and candles, WAS TOLD TO STOP, DON'T MEDAL WITH THINGS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND. But I did! I didn't know how or why, but I knew that I knew what I was doing, but it was very daunting to be the only one like me in my family.

So how did I know that I knew? INTUITION!

I have a very strong intuition, a strong feminine power that comes from my womb. I am very tapped into Source (Masculine energy), but what I didn't have was trust. Trust in my feminine power, trust in Gaia, trust in myself.

I was raised in a very masculine energy and so to survive I had to step into my masculine power. All my family including the women are very much in their masculine energy and so to have a floaty, girly, tuned in child was difficult for them, as they couldn't resonate with me.

So as an adult I questioned what I was picking up on and what I felt. And more importantly, I listened to my Ego all the time (bless it for trying to keep me safe) and shut out and shut down my Inner Child who was crying to be let out and be heard and held and trusted.

I have done this by an amazing healing modality called The Sayer Method.

This method takes you through a journey where you are able to tap into old memories that you'd forgotten about that are in your subconscious, that allows you to learn and understand the decisions that you made and why you made them, to understand the lesson and the gift of the situation, so that you are able to release those low vibrations that your ego latches on to and release them, to step into a place of balance, love, into equal feminine and masculine energy and vibrate at a higher level to allow all that is meant to come to you, to come to you.

I provide these healing sessions, so please feel free to contact me and book on. Contact number is at the bottom of the home page.

Healing yourself and building self trust is so important.

You have to honor your emotions, stop seeking the opinions of others and recognise the guidance within you. Don't look outside yourself for validation, look at what you need to provide inner peace. When an emotion comes up, honor that, don't hide from it, because trust me it will come back, only bigger and harder until you are forced to face it. So look inwards, and trust what you do is what you need to, and that's OK.

Set yourself achievable goals. This will also help build self trust when you achieve them. If you aim too high, you might not achieve that, your ego will be proved right and your back to square one again. Baby steps!. This gets the ego on board with what you want to do and you believe in yourself at the same time, and actual achieve the bigger picture a lot quicker.

Check in with yourself during the day, 'How am I doing?' , but listen to your heart not your head. Our head has many scattered thoughts all day, you could of had a stressful day at work but if you check in with your heart, you'll possibly get, 'Yep that was a manic day and I can't wait to get home and de-stress, but actually I'm OK' your head might have a completely different answer.

All these things, slowly but daily will build your self trust, build your relationship with your inner child and allow your ego to take a holiday. Its been busy all this time trying to keep you safe, although its been hindering you, its come from a good place, so say to your ego 'I've got this now, you rest'.

With love and high vibrations



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