This Essential Oils & Crystal pack contains:

1 x bottle of doTerra Lavender Essential Oil

1 x polished piece of Howlite

1 x polished piece of Lepidolite


Lavender is a beautiful oil that guides you to not hide within and block your true self-expression, that you open yourself up to open communication. Lavenders beautiful oil and aroma will help you express yourself in a calm and emotionally honest way so

that you can be true to yourself and be in integrity.


As we know this wonderful oil has been used since time began to aid restful nights sleep and used in conjuction with the beautiful crystals, you really will feel completely calm relaxed and confident in yourself.


With love and high vibrations

Tasha xx


Please note there is a two week delivery time on these Essential Oil & Crystal Collection due to doTerra’s order system.


Lavender Essential Oil & Crystal Collection

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