This Collection contains

1 x Stronger Protective Blend

1 x poished Golden Healer Quartz

1 x polished Shungite.


This is a beautiful blend of oils for babies and young children, helps to keep away the lurgys that come mixing with other children.  Designed to help keep the immune system heallthy and also energetically protect your child again energetic parasites, domineering personalities and any other negative influences.


To re inforce this beautifully protective oil, this essential oil and crystal collection comes with Golden Healer Quartz and Shungite, personally and intuitvely chosen by Krissy.  These beautiful crystals have been cleansed and charged with reiki to help keep your loved ones protected for longer.


If you have any questions about these crystal packs or would like information on how to become a doTerra Wellness Advocate and have these oils and an amazing business in your life, please do get in touch.


Please note that there is a two week delivery time on these collections due to doTerras Ordering system.


With love and high vibrations

Tasha xx


Stronger Protective Blend & Crystal Collection

SKU: Stronger Collection